Colombian Marriage Requirements

Most people with have problems with Colombian marriage requirements. There just so many ways it can go wrong. This list was put together by James Lindzey. Don’t forget you can ask for a consultation directly with James Lindzey! Potential SUPRISE Problems which can stop your dreams of a Marriage in Colombia are:


Inventory of Assets

Minors of Either Parent Require a months long process called inventory of assets


Advanced Approval

If your on a tight travel schedule be prepared to express mail all of your original documents so that notary will put your marriage on the calendar before you arrive.


Notary Approvals Vary

Documents which work in one notary may not be approved in another notary and vice versa.


Notary Calendar Opening for Marriage

May be booked for more than a month so be prepared to shop around different notaries


Power of Attorney

If your not in the country its important to get a power of attorney to allow a person to present documents on your behalf to push process forward.


Marriage of Two foreigners

May not get married in Colombia if they have not been living here a very long time. Possible Solution is the CIVIL UNION. (ask James Lindzey for more info)


Certificate of being single

Had different requirements depending on the notary. Sometimes this may be declared in Colombia but other times this document must come from country of origen. This is a very delicate and potentially marriage stopping document. (ask James Lindzey for more info on this subject)


Previous Divorces

If you were divorced then you must get a new copy of your divorce, apostille/legalize and translate.


Previous Name Changes

If anyone has changed a name then name change documents must also be presented in legalized format as explained above


Post Marriage Name Changes

Name changes are allowed for Colombian Citizens. (keep in mind childrens last names have special rules, but you  may also change childrens names after birth in the case you want them to have fathers last name only)


Use an Expert in Foreign Marriages to help

As you can see many things can go wrong with a marriage in Colombia, especially when organizing marriage with a foreigner. Many people have to get documents from overseas 2 times due to strict marriage laws.


Marriage License / Permission

Notary time to issue permission to marry may take 15 business days.


Symbolic Marriage

Is a Colombian marriage too complicated? Alternately you may use  a Symbolic Marriage for the family.

That is the end of my top 22 items to consider when getting married to avoid suprises! If you need help, remember you can schedule a consultation directly with James Lindzey just about any day of the week, except Sunday.


Old Documents not Valid

May not be presented. All FOREIGN documents must be less than 90 days old.


Colombian Citizens

Must have original cedula to marry


Place of Translations

Depending on the notary you will have to translated all documents to spanish either in your home country or in Colombia. This depends on the notary.


Document Certifications (Apostille or Legalization)

Documents must be apostilled or legalized before you bring them to Colombia.


Colombian Registration of Previous Divorces

Some Colombians forget to register dirvoce(s) from previous marriages from their birth certificate. This can cause a loss of important time during process.


Birth Certificate must match Cedula or Passport

If a birth certificate for either side is not exactly the same as the Colombian ID, or Passport, then the ID or passport must be corrected before the marriage is allowed.


Same Sex Marriages

Are legal but certain notaries may make your life difficult.


City of Domicle

You must marry in the same city that you reside in.


Use Estate Planning & Prenuptials

Remember Colombia has a prenutials, living trusts to protect your assets. Living with someone for 2 years in Colombia automatically creates a civil union. If you will move to another country get a prenput for that country as well.

Documents For Marriage Visa
Visas by James Visa-Problems

We charge just 350 USD for our very popular marriage legal services package! 

This includes helping you with the certification of a common law marriage, or a normal civil marriage plus the Colombian marriage visa. We will also substitute the Colombian visa application with the American Tourist or Canadian Tourist visa for Spouses of Citizens of these countries.

If you are already married outside of Colombia, then we can register your marriage in Colombia so that you can proceed with the marriage visa in Colombia.

New 2020 Colombian Health Insurance requirement – All visa applications must have proof of health insurance to get approved. For new applications you have the choice of Foreign or Colombian health insurance polices. All visa renewals will require Colombian EPS insurance, but requirements are very strict. Please see details by clicking here: Colombian Health Insurance Visa Requirements.

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Colombia visa services include:  We prepare your complete immigration package, documents, online application, and finally your cedula application *foreign resident id card.  Most foreigners choose common law unless for personal or religous reason a civil marriage is required.

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Many people arrive in Colombia without correct legalization of documents, and for this reason it’s extremely important to start the process with us before you send or bring documents to Colombia! Common errors are expired documents, incorrect stamps, missing stamps, poorly worded certifications, invalid documents. This problem can be solved by hiring us before you arrive in Colombia so we take the time necessary to guide you through the document legalization and collection process. We will then be able to verify and review documents as you get them.

Information regarding the  Cost of the Marriage visa in Colombia:

Sometimes this visa requires a personal appearance for the first time by both applicants if done in the country. The government will charge you 263 dollars for the visa and application fee. The visa issue time is the same day if presented in Bogota.  The cedula will cost you about 80 dollars. The notaries will charge you about 60 dollars for your common law marriage. We have only 2 notaries that we work with which are friendly to foreigners doing common law without requiring a high number of documents from overseas.

Symbolic Ceremony:

Symbolic Ceremony: are good for those who will not use a minister, father or other religuos figure. Sometimes the requirements to get married in Colombia are just too much to deal with!

If not all of the foreign documents are accepted or ready for the notary, but you want to have the ceremony now, then the symbolic ceremony is  a great alternative. Many times notaries can not able to make it to ceremony so the symbolic ceremony is a great option here as well. If you are waiting to get married in another country, but you want to have a ceremony in Colombia first, (example K-1 USA Fiancee Visa), then the symbolic marriage is a great option.

Colombian foreigner’s ID card: This process is included with the  Colombian visa package: (cedula de extranjeria) normally issued in approximately. 2 weeks after your visa is approved, but if you are in Colombia.

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