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Visas by James, Colombia Legal & Associates SAS has Immigration attorneys in Colombia and the United States with which we have worked over 10 years. We guarantee our fiancee and Marriage Visa applications in Colombia to the United States.

Here is a list of some of the most important requirements for K1 Fiance Visa applicants must comply with:

1) Financial Support: The United States government needs to know you can support your fiance, so K1 Visa Colombian applicants without children must have an American sponsor who has income of at least 24,000 USD per year. If the American Citizen does not meet this requirement, then he or she should have a financial sponsor which does meet these conditions. For every child or dependent person you must add 4,000 dollars per year to the required income. You must include all children of the foreign fiancee and the American citizen.

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2) Current on Filing Taxes: The American Citizen must be current on filing United States Federal taxes, and yes, this includes Puerto Rican Citizens. You can be on a payment or instalment plan with your taxes, but just be certain that your filings are current.

3) Meeting in person: K1 Visa applicants should have to meet in person at least 1 time: The American Citizen must have seen his or her fiance in person at least 1 time.

4) Limit to 2 fiances in your life: K1 Visa Colombia or other countries, can be issued only 2 times. You may not bring over more than 2 fiances to the united States.

5) No History of Violence Against Partners: You may not have a history of domestic abuse.


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