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What is the difference between the fiancée and marriage visa? The first phase has an equal processing time which you can see on the website which is misleading for K3/CR-1 visa applications. What happens is that there is additional post approval processing which ads on at least a few months of time before the package arrives in Bogota. The time delay is because a K1 visa is a temporary visa, and is not actually a residency visa. The K3/CR-1 visa is a residency visa so it takes longer to process the residency documents. However, some attorneys say the delays are systematic and that put relationships to the test which thins out the number of immigrants.

Bottom line is that a K3/CR-1 visa takes 9 -15 months where a K1 takes between 6-7 months. A K3/CR1 takes more time to prepare than a K1 visa, because immigration likes to see much more

documentation. A well-organized K3 Marriage visa will take 9 months to have the visa in your hands. The marriage visa will get approval in the same time frame as a fiancee visa, but they will not send the documents to the embassy right away for the, marriage visa. The marriage visa package will pass through further processing and then it will be passed on to the embassy. This extra processing usually amounts to 2 months worth of delays.

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