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Colombia Visas is a private organization which assists people with processing papers for Colombian Visas and American K1 Fiance Visas. We have 5 years experience working with Colombian Consulates, Colombian Embassy, American Embassy in Bogota Colombia, and with the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores (Ministry of Foreign Relations in Colombia). This may include some or all of the following; organizing papers, locating documents, ordering necissary documents, certications, apostiles, offical translations, and filing visa applications for long term residency visas in Colombia and/or the United States. We enjoy answering questions people have regarding Colombia Residency Visas, however, we are not the Colombian Embassy, but we are experts at applying for long term and residency visas. For information purposes, we have listed addresses and contact information for Colombian Consulates in the United States below on this page. We do however invite all people to contact us regarding questions about traveling to or living in this wonderful country.

Countries which require tourist visas to visit Colombia can be found in this list clicking here.

Colombia Visas
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